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About Prolific Investments

Prolific Investments Limited, is a corporation organized under the laws of State of Delaware in June of 2008. Prolific Investments Limited is an innovative, diversified and unique proprietary trading firm that actively participates in the Global Financial Markets. Our primary focus is 100% proprietary trading. This means the firm trade stocks, bonds, currencies, commodities, derivatives and other financial product, using the firm’s own money.

Our goal is to earn a return on capital for the firm as opposed to any external customers of the firm. We do not accept external funds and we no longer provide managed accounts services. The firm aim to deliver enhanced returns and capital preservation over the long term through a rigorous application of our Position Trading Strategies(PTS) and Risk Management Models(RMM)

Prolific Investments Limited has reinvent itself into a more cost effective, efficient, and agile Proprietary Trading Firm and a Trading System Software Development Company by the application of "Cloud Computing Technology". We are a strong believer in "Globalization" and hence we employs "Cloud Computing Technology" to limit the effect of geographic barriers.Cloud computing refers to the provision of computational resources on demand via a computer network

Our Vision

To become one of the world's preeminent Proprietary Trading Firm and Trading System Software Development Company.

Our Mission

1) To deliver superior investment performance by trading the global financial markets with honesty, integrity and high ethical standards.

2) To develop a broad array of superior trading software to facilitate trading decisions...